Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just a little something..

When I saw these I've decided that i needed to expand my collection of sunglasses! Well I wouldn't even say a collection because I owe somewhere around 5 pairs, which is why I shall expand. These are by Linda Farrow.

Ok i must confess: I have an obsession with shorts right now. Practically all of my last purchases for about 2 months already have been shorts. I've told myself about 3 weeks ago that I need to slow down with them and of course that same day I go and buy 3 pairs without even realizing what have I done until about 5 hours later. I try and calm myself down by saying that it's really never too much so therefore when I saw this I decided that I must add them to my little list.

Like that this ring is simple but at the same time not really. I have something very similar to this one its just that mine is in silver. Halleh.

I've been wanting these crochet shorts forever. I've even included them into my previous post but the model was wearing them in white. I got something similar to these the other day at Anthropologies, still haven't worn them.. Link to the shorts is here.

Shorts..again. Well I like these because I love the rips on the white denim.

I can never get enough of these rings.. Pyramid Cross Ring .

If I could choose what to always wear, I would choose pullovers. I find them so sexy! This one is stripped AND gray... double love.

Yves Saint Laurent. Arty metal and enamel ring.

I love this leather necklace! It's simple but at the same time it isn't.. exactly what i need. Ann Demeulemeester- braided leather necklace

Wedges, wedges, wedges.... These are Givenchy.

I really like this little crop top. I've always been a fan of them and what makes this one even more perfect for me is that it's gray! I've had this thing for the color for awhile now and it doesn't seem to change yet. This one is by Vanessa Bruno, you can find it here.

I really like this top, even though I'm not big on the sequences but this one is just right. Also I may add that I like the fact that the sequence is black.

I love these! Wedges plus cheetah? I like. [Giuseppe Zanotti]

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